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Darkest Days
These are the darkest days I have ever endured,
My heart is slowly seeping as reality hits
Like a suckerpunch I'm gasping for breath
There's a pain welling inside me I cannot ignore.
A slow realisation that the hopes and the dreams,
The life I have lived for more than a decade
Is coming to an end and like a juggernaut
Its riding over me and I'm tearing at the seams.
There's a constant noise inside so maddening,
I cannot comprehend the words you are saying
Its too late to go back I've come undone
These feelings so mixed, I'm drowning.
Here I am now at the end of it all,
The man that I once was has been devoured
I stare into the abyss and say out loud
"I am not afraid and I will stand tall"
:icondocco:Docco 0 0
The Dark Knight II
In the darkness of the night
Under a veil of shadows I fight
Banishing evil from our unsafe streets
Trying to hold back the encroaching spirits.
Striking with no sense of fear
With such fury I have become revered.
One ghoul after another falls under my knife’s edge
Relentlessly seeking the architect to this insurgence
Yet nothing contained within this war
And no experience from my life before
Could have prepared me for the answers I would find
Could have prevented me from being so blind.
All these years in the abyss
Far from any human eyes
Champion to this valiant cause
Believing nothing could change who I was
The dark destroyer of whom I seek
Is standing no further than my feet
I have become no better than the beast
As each night on demons I feast
When pain and suffering is not shared
And there’s no one left who cares
Your soul is overrun and consumed
Now this darkness can never be removed
A devil to my own kind
My vengeance has taken my mind
I can never return to the life I
:icondocco:Docco 0 2
Sun Garden by Docco Sun Garden :icondocco:Docco 2 8 Moon Shrine by Docco Moon Shrine :icondocco:Docco 2 8
Shooting Star
We are all children of the stars,
Dancing in the bright light;
The Milky Way, galaxies oh what a sight
Independent, dazzling and original
Yet each action part of a cosmic whole.
Working together to keep at bay
The vast and encroaching abyss.
Shooting through the universe
Who would have thought?
I started my life as a droplet of water
We are all children of the stars
No words can describe the things we've seen
And it's just the way of things
Life could not feel better than this
And it just seems so endless
Until we break into pieces
Screaming "God I don't need this"
And we're racing and racing and racing
Till we come crashing down to the ground
Yeah, we come crashing to the ground
Life it starts over
And we give up the dreams
But it doesn't have to be worse
I got a plan
And everyday start's like this
"I'm gonna make it shine like the sun"
And when I'm done dreaming
I flow with the rest of the ocean
Take the stormy nights and the toxic corrosion
Knowing that the time will come
I will ret
:icondocco:Docco 2 8
Two Minds by Docco Two Minds :icondocco:Docco 0 12
The cogs are barely turning
And my brain is slowly burning
I think I'm going crazy
I'm losing all sense of sanity
Forces from within are fighting
As the forces from without are inciting
And no matter where I turn
There is no answer to be found
The things I want to say
Don't seem to be the words I convey
My scattered thoughts
Are breaking upon the floor
Why does it have to be?
Why is it they will not see?
My world is breaking open
But here we stand… together, alone.
My pride has been broken
And my future has been taken
But you will not hear me falter
I do not regret the path I have chosen
I will not give in to fear
The ferocity in my heart has become sincere
My passion has fuelled this resolution
And freedom is but a step away
:icondocco:Docco 1 4
Turtle Licker by Docco Turtle Licker :icondocco:Docco 1 9
Hope Is A Word Far From Being
I awake today to find myself a coward,
A man broken and unexposed as the criminal I have become.
I've had the fill of my cup and drunk, from its wine,
Allowed its contents to spill with a single motion.
I cannot count the times that I have hurt you;
Too many times I've sworn to you it would be my last.
Now here I am again, at the end of the line,
Standing at the edge of the world watching the sun set over my heart.
I've fallen so far from what I once used to be
You mended my broken wings and here I lie once again.
I hang my head from all of the shame
Yet you stand there radiant and untainted by this life.
Through all this pain and all of this enveloping darkness
I need only ask one question, why you never let go?
Why did you hold my hand? all the while I tore you from the sky,
An angel of such indescribable beauty taken for the sake of me.
How many times will you stick around?
Each time this cold darkness takes over my heart?
I've condemned you to battle these demons
Yet I know, by you
:icondocco:Docco 3 4
Hiding In The Dark
I think this may well just kill me.
It's not supposed to be this way,
it's not supposed to feel this way.
I can't be that man, he cannot be a part of me.
This life I've been given
is not mine to throw away,
this life i've been given
does not allow me to choose.
I live with my decision
and swallow the pain with every stride.
My heart has become my prison
and nothing shall penetrate these walls.
In this hollow chasm,
left to contemplate my actions
and face the future
no matter what it holds.
'They' have orchestrated this coup d'etat
and weakened as I am
I cannot face my demons,
I cannot hold back these feelings
and I cannot set free my desires.
Rigid are my ideals,
I cannot be who they want me to be,
and I cannot be that man,
not without it consuming me whole.
As this blackened cloud encroaches on the horizon,
swallowing sky and sun
extinguishing all light to guide me
on this difficult path.
How long before this consumes me,
how long before I lose my way or has this already happened?
:icondocco:Docco 0 3
Feeling hollow,
Consumed by the shadows;
Surrounded by death's whispers;
I just want answers to my questions.
Pull me from this speeding train,
Bring me to the world of living again.
This burden is too much for me to carry,
My lying tongue too much to bury.
I'm dreaming of perfect skies,
Still waters and moonlit nights,
But the future holds nothing but pain
These clouds bring nothing but the rain
My heart beats slower every day;
The passion that burned evaporated with the flames.
There is no hope left to carry me through
I'm all but defeated in this search for the truth.
But maybe this rain will wash away my sins,
Sweep me off my feet toward better things;
This is just fruitless dreaming
And it's all that's between me and that bitter end.
I'm waiting for the sun to shine;
To bathe in its glory and feel alive again.
Till then I write these weary words
And lie here dreaming of better days.
:icondocco:Docco 3 1
This Bitter Heart
Flip a coin,
Read my sign;
What's in store
For my heart today
Black and grey,
Bitter and torn;
Let's just see
Who's pulling the string's today
Inside Out,
Without a doubt,
I just don't think
My heart can live this way.
:icondocco:Docco 0 2
The Road To Nowhere
I wake up every morning
And my head starts spinning;
Feels like a war
But my heart's not winning.
I wake up every morning
And you're not with me
And it takes all I have
To stop from sinking…
You know I'm sinking.
I'm lost in my own back yard,
This isn't the place I call home
And the fountain
Holds a thousand glistening tears;
As I look at my reflection
I see a stranger's face, a strangers eyes
And the life I call my own
Doesn't feel like the one I've known.
Every night I die a little,
Every night I lose a little piece of mind
My love has gone
And there is no way to comprehend
How this could ever be real.
My feet are sinking through the floor
Nothing about this seems right
Flashbacks only ever lead to that night
I walk over the glass encrusted carpet
Pick the car keys from the remnant bowl
Open the garage door.
Ignition on, destination unknown
Don't look over my shoulder
Put my foot to the floor
And leave this town I no longer know
Head to the interstate, to somewhere new
As the car scr
:icondocco:Docco 2 9
Hidden Beauty by Docco Hidden Beauty :icondocco:Docco 3 2 Under A Sky So Blue by Docco Under A Sky So Blue :icondocco:Docco 1 1 Take It Easy by Docco Take It Easy :icondocco:Docco 0 0


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I am going to fucking fix this place up, on my hols in a week and hoping for inspiration to mellow out my raging rampaging mind and some much need DA and TLC is in order.


Niall Doherty BSc
United Kingdom
Crazed turtle licking pirate ninja king of the squirrels.
Nuff said.


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